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Below are the most common questions our customers ask. Please feel free to get in touch by filling out our contact form if you can’t find the answer to your questions within the list below.

Transforming your home with secret bookcase doors, hidden rooms, or passages can be exciting yet daunting. To ensure a flawless process, it’s essential to understand what to expect from your contractors.

Here’s a breakdown of Secret Passage’s process, guiding you from the initial idea to project completion.

Contact Stage: 

Upon deciding to improve your home, you can contact us through our online query

form or a phone call. We’ll request your postcode to confirm that we operate in your area and ask for a brief description of your project along with any sketches, images, or specifications you have. 

This lets us quickly determine if your project aligns with our services and how we can assist you.

As experienced London-based carpenters and joiners, we receive numerous inquiries, so we aim to streamline the process by providing a free, no-obligation preliminary estimate via email.

If you prefer a personal consultation, you can book a site visit, where we’ll visit your location, take measurements, discuss project details, and identify potential obstacles. Following this, we’ll provide you with an updated service quote.

Design Stage: 

Once you’re ready to proceed with the project after reviewing the preliminary quote, we can ask you to sign a work agreement and pay an initial deposit. With this in place, we can generate a computer-aided design (CAD) based on your description and sketches. 

The CAD will visually represent your final project to scale, giving you a clear vision on paper. Minor changes at this stage are accommodated for free, but significant alterations may require a revised estimate. 

After you approve the CAD, we will begin producing the materials and set an installation start date in agreement with you.

Please note that if you solely need drawings based on your description. There’s an option to receive them at the cost of £250 plus VAT per item, such as a wardrobe, media unit, or bookcase.

Installation Stage:

Throughout the installation stage, we prioritize your interests and ensure customer satisfaction. Our carpenters and joiners work efficiently and maintain a clean environment using dustsheets and extractors. 

Before commencing work, we kindly ask you to remove valuable and fragile items from the area to prevent accidents.

Upon installing your furniture, doors, windows, or walls, we invite you to

inspect the work and report any defects or errors in a snagging report. Once you’re entirely satisfied with the result, we’ll request the remaining

payment and appreciate any feedback you may have. Customer opinions are valuable to us as we continuously seek ways to enhance our services.

If you have a carpentry or joinery project in mind, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team for a no-obligation chat. We’re eager to help you achieve your home or workspace improvements.

The price of a bespoke-made Secret Door depends on the dimensions, preferred materials and any additional features the customer wants. For example, the Secret Passage team can offer secret bookcase doors pre-fitted with LED lights, locks, magnetic catches, and more. The prices would typically start from £3,800 +VAT fully fitted. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your very personal Secret Bookcase Door.

We usually cover London within M25 motorway and out within around an hour of travel in some cases, depending on the scale of the project.
If in doubt, call or drop us an e-mail, and we will advise you we can assist you in your area.

We usually use painted or laminated man-made boards (MDF & MFC), plywood or natural timber. However, depending on your preferences, we can use a wide range of materials and designs to implement your vision.

We are a team of professional joiners, painters, carpenters and mechanical engineers. Solid Passage managers also have a technical background in the construction sector in the UK.

We accept bank transfers and debit and credit card payments.
We take 50% deposit payment, and the work will only be started once the deposit has been received.